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Everyone Needs A Cheerleader!

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Everyone needs a cheerleader. Let us say that again: everyone needs a cheerleader. We can’t deny that there is an abundance of negative talk and images out there today. Although that may be true, we often miss that there is just as much, if not more, positivity all around us. […]

New Money Matters Segment

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The Marriage Group is excited to announce a brand new Money Matters segment to its popular online marriage prep class, Living Our Faith in Love™! Introducing Michelle Shepley, Vice President and Senior Mortgage Sales Manager of a regional bank. Michelle shares relevant financial advice for today’s engaged couples, while reflecting […]

Marriage Prep During the Christmas Season

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Merry Christmas to our parish and diocesan partners all around the country! We just wanted to send out a quick reminder about one of the challenges and blessings of marriage prep during the Christmas/Advent season. We serve thousands of couples with our online marriage prep courses from all 50 states […]

A Brief History of Marriage: 1960s-Present

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Marriage has a long history, originating before written records, possibly during the Stone Age. However, as cultural norms shift, so too has the definition and nature of marriage. It wasn’t until the fall of the Romans that the Catholic Church elevated marriage to a holy sacrament. Unlike these early forms […]


One Marriage, One Income.

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‘For richer, for poorer’…. it’s right there in the traditional marriage vows, but how many of us consider the consequences of actually living it out in the real world? The sad statistic is that up to 50% of marriages end in divorce, with finances (or lack of them) being a […]