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Online vs. In Person Pre-Cana?

You have decided to get married in the Catholic Church — now what? You might have heard by now that you need to go through an approved marriage preparation program, otherwise known as “Pre-Cana.” The next step is for you to determine whether you will complete online or in person […]


Pre-Cana and Zoom

“Is this working?” “Can you all hear me?” “Hello? Can you all hear me?” That’s pretty much how every Zoom call starts out. These days, it seems like everything is a Zoom call — including Pre-Cana. However, is using Zoom as a means to conduct a Pre-Cana “virtual gathered event” […]

Wedding Dates to Avoid and Dates to Consider

First Things First: Choosing Your Wedding Day Be honest, you have most likely had the “when and where” picked out for your big day for about as long as you can remember. Am I right? Yes, of course, and so did I! We’ll save the “where” for another conversation. As […]

What do Ash Wednesday and Lent mean?

‘Tis the season…Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season are upon us! No matter what your religious affiliations or beliefs are, have you ever wondered or needed a fresh description of what it all means and its purpose? If your answer is, “yes”, don’t worry–you’re not alone. In brief, here are […]

Everyone Needs A Cheerleader!

We can’t deny that there is an abundance of negative talk and images out there today. Although there may be much truth in it all, we often miss that there is truly just as much, if not more, positive all around us. Within all of the positivity, there are many […]

New Money Matters Segment

The Marriage Group is excited to announce a brand new Money Matters segment to its popular online marriage prep class, Living Our Faith in Love™! Introducing Michelle Shepley, Vice President and Senior Mortgage Sales Manager of a regional bank. Michelle shares relevant financial advice for today’s engaged couples, while reflecting […]