Koestner Natural Family Planning

Meet Kyle and Danielle Koestner

Kyle and Danielle Koestner have been married since 2005 and have six children. They both serve on the Boards for both BOMA USA and FEMM Health.

Kyle is an engineer with over 25 years experience in the automotive industry.

Dr. Danielle Koestner is a Family Medicine OB physician who did full-scope family medicine with deliveries for 10 years in an underserved community. She works with the FEMM Health Medical Education Team, along with the Billings Ovulation Team.

Danielle recently participated in the USCCB’s NFP Summit, and was a featured speaker at the United Nations regarding the science of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (another name for Natural Family Planning).

Kyle, Danielle and the rest of the Koestners completed a two-year adventure, where they sailed from the Caribbean, through the Bahamas, all the way up the East Coast of the United States to Maine promoting the good news of Natural Family Planning. They call it, “NFP By Sea.”

In February of 2022, The Marriage Group strengthened its programming of Natural Family Planning with a “built-from-scratch” production of new course content. Featuring Kyle and Danielle Koestner, the new NFP segment in our leading online, on-demand Pre-Cana introduces the Church’s teaching through their personal testimony. The new version of NFP Life dives deeper with instruction of the beauty and science of various NFP methods.

After filming this production, Kyle and Danielle embarked on their next adventure — traveling to Tanzania to work with the health systems in establishing NFP programs. It’s safe to say that the Koestners have a true passion for Natural Family Planning and they devote their lives to spreading that gospel to the ends of the Earth.

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