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5 Qualities of a Great NFP Course

Read Time: 4 minutes

Considering our vocation to be a light to the world, we have a duty to discover and transmit God’s truth in all aspects of human existence, including human sexuality. And that involves sharing the truth about the often misunderstood and hotly debated topic of natural family planning (NFP). Let’s begin […]

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Financial Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Read Time: 3 minutes

Moving in together is a big step in any relationship. You’ve just been married, and now you’re ready to take on your world together in a new home. However, one of the biggest reasons couples fight at this stage, or any stage, is financial difficulties. There are a few proactive […]


Enriching Your Marriage for Lent

Read Time: 6 minutes

We are well into this season of Lent, remembering the love of God that was poured out through Jesus with his death and celebrating his resurrection. Through that, we truly learn how to love like Jesus — selfless and with humility. Although the “season” of Lent is broadly considered just […]


Don’t Save it All for Valentine’s Day

Read Time: 3 minutes

Love is in the air! Greeting cards, chocolates, and roses fill every aisle at the grocery store. Your favorite local restaurant is booked solid on the 14th. Couples everywhere are celebrating their undying love for one another — for one day only. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is […]

New Year, New Theology and Spirituality of Marriage Segment

Read Time: < 1 minute

The Marriage Group is excited to announce a brand new Theology and Spirituality of Marriage segment to its popular online Pre-Cana course, Living Our Faith in Love!

In this video series, Claudio Mora, Director of Catholic Programs, delivers the good news of marriage that is best lived — rooted and grounded in the foundations of Catholic faith — in a beautifully profound and approachable way.