Your Traditions (In Motion)

Read Time: 3 minutes

In the last article, we provided questions to spark discussion between you and your spouse and the challenge was to come up with new traditions of your own, as a couple.

So… Did you do that?

If so, we hope your conversations led to fruitful results with the exercise! If not, don’t worry! These conversations don’t happen overnight, and honestly, they shouldn’t.

Either way, we had a blast putting together this article to provide you with some fun, out-of-the-box ideas for the Christmas season to help get you started.

Ideas for you as a couple:

Arguably the biggest challenge with making plans around the holidays is the finite amount of time that you actually have. In fact, we’re convinced that time somehow moves faster during the holidays! The good news is that our suggestions might actually help you to feel like you can slow down just a bit amidst the hustle and bustle.

The Mystery Christmas Movie Randomizer

This one’s a whole ton of fun! All you need to do is wrap your Christmas movies in Christmas wrapping paper, and each night that you can dedicate to a movie night, unwrap a movie, grab some popcorn or other snacks, and cozy up on the couch together. The best part about it is, even though you know your library of movies, it will still be a surprise for every movie night.

If you are digital-only folks, you can still make this work! Simply write down the movies you have or can rent on pieces of paper, and draw one from a jar instead.

Quick note from everyone here on our team in case there is still any confusion: Die Hard absolutely counts as a Christmas movie. Probably the best Christmas movie ever made.

Moving on…

Make Christmas Cards

This one isn’t a “new” idea by any means, but making Christmas cards together is always a good time. Get creative! Design your own together, or buy a pack from Target. Either way, hand-written notes to loved ones wins every time!

Attend Mass Together

If attending the Christmas Mass is not or hasn’t been a tradition of yours, we highly encourage it. Even though you may be faithful members and attendees of your local parish, there is just something special about joining your brothers and sisters to observe and celebrate the beauty and holiness that this season brings.

Ideas for celebrating with your new family:

Now that your married, your family becomes your spouse’s family and vice versa. Assuming you both have good relationships with your families, it can be fun to blend some Christmas traditions between both parties.

Hot Chocolate Bar and Game Nights

If you really want to surprise your in-laws, schedule a fun hot cocoa and game night on another day that isn’t the expected family Christmas party. This helps to show them that you are intentional about getting to know them better, and to help your in-laws and parents get to know each other better as well.

Bring over ingredients for hot cocoa, including the toppings (marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, sprinkles, etc.), and get the board games out. If you really want to see everyone’s true colors, crack open Monopoly and let the good times roll.

Attend Mass Together, as a Family

As we mentioned before, if this hasn’t been a tradition of yours, or your family of origin’s, we highly recommend it. If either your in-laws or your own parents aren’t necessarily churchgoers, inviting them to Christmas Mass may have a higher probability that they will accept the invitation.

In conclusion…

As we wrap up (see what we did there?) the year 2021, our prayer is that 2022 is abundant in blessings for you and your spouse. We hope that you were able to make wonderful memories during the holidays, and that you continue to make more, as you build upon your traditions.

The most important point that we can make with all of these traditions and fun celebrations is, be present (see what we did there, too?).

In all seriousness, we can all become so busy with all that this season brings that we lose sight of the important things. “Trying” to be present with family and friends becomes a paradox in and of itself. The only advice we can give is to see each moment for what it is — temporary. That’s what makes a moment special. If it could last forever, it would become boring.

With all of the love that we can muster, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.