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Cultural Sensitivity

Read Time: 2 minutes

Ministry in a Multicultural Church Cultural diversity is a reality that touches not only our country but also the Church. Parishes have become a home to people from different cultural backgrounds. Today in our parishes, we find people who speak different languages, have different cultural and religious traditions, are different […]

Are We Flourishing As A Couple?

Read Time: 2 minutes

As we look around us, we see signs of new life everywhere. Spring is that time of the year when we see growth and flourishing in nature as the cycle of life continues to develop. In the same way, God invites us to experience this same growth and flourishing in […]

Doing Ministry in Difficult Times

Read Time: 2 minutes

As a ministry leader, you may be feeling lonely, tired, overworked, and lost. Doing ministry in these circumstances is not easy! Please know we are here to help you! You are not alone. Here are some ideas that you can implement now that you are trying to do more with less resources

Engagement in These Wild Times

Read Time: 2 minutes

God is Bigger than a Pandemic. By now, we probably do not want to hear anything else about COVID-19 and its effects on our lives. The whole world has changed because of this pandemic. There are many adaptations, changes, and new ways of doing things. We might feel stressed, afraid, […]

Why Is It Important for Catholics to get Married?

Read Time: 2 minutes

When we ask couples who are preparing for marriage, “Why do you want to get married in the Catholic Church?” sometimes the answers include…. “It is a family tradition”, or … “it is the right thing to do”, or “our family expects it”. But there are deeper, more profound reasons […]