Doing Ministry in Difficult Times

Doing Ministry in Difficult Times
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All of us have been affected by the pandemic in different ways. Some of us have been sick, some have lost loved ones, some have lost their jobs. We can all agree that we live in very difficult times.

Parishes and dioceses throughout the world have been affected by this situation as well. Many positions have been eliminated, offices have been closed, budgets have been reduced or cut. As a ministry leader, you may be feeling lonely, tired, overworked, and lost. This is the reality in which the Church exists today.

As a ministry leader, you may be feeling lonely, tired, overworked, and lost.

Doing ministry in these difficult times is not easy! Please know we are here to help you! You are not alone.

Here are some ideas that you can implement now that you are trying to do more with less resources:

Go Back to Your Toolbox

See what are the FREE resources that are available to you. Use them! This is the time to take advantage of all the materials, talks, videos, printed books, etc. that are free to you as a minister. Check out the Marriage Boosters that are available on our website; these are short videos that you can share with your engaged couples. You can also share our blogs, which cover a wide variety of topics that will help couples improve their relationship. All these resources are free and ready to use… you don’t have to spend money or time to create them!

Enlist the Help of Volunteers

You can’t pretend to do it all by yourself! There are many talented people in your parish willing to give you hand. Volunteers can do many things if they have clear directions from you.

Talk With Your Peers

Talk to other ministry leaders in your diocese and/or around the country! The best way to get new ideas for ministry is to talk to your peers. The moment you pick up the phone and start talking to other ministry leaders, you will realize you are not the only one struggling during these difficult times. Find out what is working in other parishes/dioceses. Ask other ministry leaders what initiatives have been successful and how are they managing to continue serving couples today.

These are only some suggestions that you can start implementing today. We are sure that there are many more creative ways in which you can continue being a very effective leader with the limited resources you have available today.

Please know that all of us at The Marriage Group are here for you. Feel free to reach out to us and we can continue the conversation to find more ways to support you in your ministry role.