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NFP: Guiding Couples Down the Path of Understanding

Read Time: 3 minutes

In the sacred journey of marriage preparation within the Catholic Church, one of the pivotal discussions revolves around family planning. As clergy, deacons, and dedicated individuals guiding engaged couples, it’s crucial to facilitate a thoughtful and thorough exploration of Natural Family Planning. While some couples approach family planning as a […]

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Learn NFP

Read Time: 4 minutes

“Why are you making me learn NFP?”  It’s a question I get a lot in my capacity as the Director of Fertility and Life Ministries for the Diocese of Lansing. Often this question comes from engaged couples going through Marriage Prep, but I also get it from couples referred to […]

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A Shared Approach to Natural Family Planning

Read Time: 4 minutes

Red light, green light. It’s a game I’ve seen some couples play as their approach to using Natural Family Planning (NFP). The woman attends most or all of the teaching sessions for the chosen method of NFP, she diligently charts and asks her instructor questions, and then she tells her […]

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Common Questions About NFP

Read Time: 4 minutes

There is a lot of excitement when you first get engaged. It can be a very thrilling season of life, but it also includes a big checklist of things to do. Depending on the length of your engagement, you’ll either be in a rush or have some time to complete […]

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Talking To Engaged Couples About Contraception

Read Time: 4 minutes

Talking about contraception is an important part of marriage preparation. Contraception in its various forms has become the status quo for sexual relationships outside of the Church. Some Catholic couples either don’t know or don’t agree with the Church’s teaching. Getting comfortable talking about contraception is vitally important for the […]

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Discussing Finances with Your Partner

Read Time: 2 minutes

Financial discussions can be difficult to have with your partner. Everyone has different philosophies about managing money. However, when couples get married, having healthy discussions about money can directly affect your relationship. These tips can help guide you through difficult conversations about money. Have an Open Mind When discussing your […]

5 Qualities of a Great NFP Course

Read Time: 4 minutes

Considering our vocation to be a light to the world, we have a duty to discover and transmit God’s truth in all aspects of human existence, including human sexuality. And that involves sharing the truth about the often misunderstood and hotly debated topic of natural family planning (NFP). Let’s begin […]

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Financial Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Read Time: 3 minutes

Moving in together is a big step in any relationship. You’ve just been married, and now you’re ready to take on your world together in a new home. However, one of the biggest reasons couples fight at this stage, or any stage, is financial difficulties. There are a few proactive […]

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Three Things Engaged Couples Want to Know, But Don’t Ask

Read Time: 3 minutes

You have an engaged couple who wants to get married at your church. Wonderful! As a pastor, you have lots of experience talking with people in various stages of life. However, this engaged couple does NOT have much experience talking with clergy. They likely have things on their mind that […]