Church Approved Pre-Cana Topics

Living Our Faith in Love Covers All “Must-Have Conversations”

This Online Pre-Cana Course Covers All “Must-Have Conversations” Outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Even if you have already had these conversations before, marriage preparation is the perfect time to revisit them.

  • Theology and Spirituality of Marriage

    In this Marriage Prep Class segment, couples are invited to let God work in their relationship now, as engaged couples, and for the rest of their life as husband and wife. The presenters consider God at work through the love of husband and wife, through the family, and in marriage through love and community. By integrating the spirituality of marriage with the practical experience of adults in healthy, committed, married relationships, couples will grow in love and intimacy. They will realize the full meaning of their marriage covenant, understanding there is more at work in their lives than just each other.

    Drawing on the wisdom of Christian tradition while looking through the lens of marriage, this presentation offers its path toward rich spirituality built on basic convictions. This segment reveal both the challenges and rewards of married life, reflecting on how current theological, cultural, and economic perspectives influence marriage.

    For couples planning to be married within the Catholic Church, it is important to understand and reflect upon the deeper meaning of marriage. They are not just preparing for an unforgettable wedding day; they are entering into a relationship with their partner and with God. In this easy-to-follow video presentation, led by Claudio Mora, couples will gain his perspective on the following topics:

    • Marriage as a Sacrament
    • Marriage as a Vocation
    • Marriage as a Covenant

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  • Balancing Values, Careers, and Practical Issues

    Many couples get married before discussing, let alone experiencing, the effect that practical issues will have on their relationship. Couples that have been building their relationship for a long time often say, “we’re practically married already” or “nothing’s going to change.” The facts are, “no you aren’t” and “yes it will.”

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  • Money Matters: Stewardship and Finances

    Financial matters are among the top reasons for marital trouble and the increasing number of divorces in America, now hovering around 50%. Each day presents many decisions related to finances and couples often have differences of opinion about spending that can lead to arguments and resentment.

    This video session presents important talking points for engaged couples to discuss, and practical advice to implement.

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  • Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy

    A healthy, loving sex life is among the most important factors to a happy, lasting marriage. Oftentimes, relationship issues related to sex are actually the result of lacking communication between husband and wife.

    In this segment, you will benefit from professional advice and conversation-starters. By talking through these sensitive topics during your engagement, you will position yourselves for a lifetime of healthy, exciting and fulfilling intimacy.

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  • Family of Origin

    Congratulations! You will soon be married to your life-partner… and his/her parents, siblings, family traditions and expectations!

    Whether your fiancé maintains a close relationship with his/her family or not, you will soon find that their influence remains a part of who your fiancé is (and will be as your spouse). The same concept applies to you and the role your family will play in your married life.

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  • Natural Family Planning (NFP Life)

    For some couples, having children is the last thing on their minds as they plan for their marriage. Other couples may be planning to start a family right away. In either case, it is important to talk about parenthood at this stage. By learning one another’s expectations for having children and parental styles, you will grow in your understanding of your spouse and the mother/father of your children.

    This segment explores the Catholic Church’s teaching of marriage and procreation, including Natural Family Planning.

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