Church Approved Pre-Cana Topics

Living Our Faith in Love Covers All “Must-Have Conversations”

This Online Pre-Cana Course Covers All “Must-Have Conversations” Outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Even if you have already had these conversations before, marriage preparation is the perfect time to revisit them.

  • Theology and Spirituality of Marriage

    A marriage within the Catholic Church, and within the Catholic faith more broadly, includes a deeper meaning to marriage itself. The covenant formed on the wedding day is not merely between two human beings. The greater significance of observing this holy union is the bond that is formed between man, woman, and God.

    But what happens after the thrill and excitement of that day begins to wear off?

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  • Balancing Values, Careers, and Practical Issues

    Many couples get married before discussing, let alone experiencing, the effect that practical issues will have on their relationship. Couples that have been building their relationship for a long time often say, “we’re practically married already” or “nothing’s going to change.” The facts are, “no you aren’t” and “yes it will.”

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  • Finances

    Managing money together can be a source of great collaboration or conflict in marriage. This segment can help you start building a foundation of healthy communication, understanding, and planning for your current and future financial situation.

    From the spiritual principles to practical tips, you’ll be able to explore your perspectives on money and begin establishing a plan for managing your family finances together.

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  • The Beauty of Sexuality & Intimacy in Marriage

    Through personal stories and reflections, Tom and Marcy discuss false representations of intimacy that can be harmful for couples while also sharing how God heals and restores brokenness. This segment balances practical tools for dating, romance, and communication with spiritual practices like forgiveness, prayer, and reconciliation.

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  • Family of Origin

    Congratulations! You will soon be married to your life-partner… and his/her parents, siblings, family traditions and expectations!

    Whether your fiancé maintains a close relationship with his/her family or not, you will soon find that their influence remains a part of who your fiancé is (and will be as your spouse). The same concept applies to you and the role your family will play in your married life.

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  • Natural Family Planning (NFP Life)

    For some couples, having children is the last thing on their minds as they plan for their marriage. Other couples may be planning to start a family right away. In either case, it is important to talk about parenthood at this stage. By learning one another’s expectations for having children and parental styles, you will grow in your understanding of your spouse and the mother/father of your children.

    This segment explores the Catholic Church’s teaching of marriage and procreation, including Natural Family Planning.

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