Included with the online Pre-Cana, Living Our Faith in Love

Managing money together can be a source of great collaboration or conflict in marriage. This segment can help you start building a foundation of healthy communication, understanding, and planning for your current and future financial situation.

From the spiritual principles to practical tips, you’ll be able to explore your perspectives on money and begin establishing a plan for managing your family finances together.

The segment starts by unpacking our value as human beings created by God, and it explains how our understanding of our value can shape the way we view and handle our finances.

As presenters in the segment, Chris and Jessie have learned time and time again that the root of their money struggles and fights is often a desire to find meaning and purpose in material things rather than their standing in Christ.

When they got curious about those struggles and started to talk about them, they gained the skills to navigate their challenges in new ways.

This segment also includes tips on how to talk about money, how to resolve conflict, and a few practical tools our presenters used over the years to stay organized and steward their resources responsibly.

Presented By:

Chris and Jessie Wiegand were married in 1996. They are the parents of five creative, kind, and hard-working kids and the devoted grandparents of a growing number of adorable babies. As devoted servants of Christ, they’ve served in a variety of ministries to couples, families, and youth, and they’ve accompanied several couples through marriage prep using Prepare Enrich.

Professionally, Chris works as a Weld Auditor at Stellantis, a Detroit-area automotive manufacturer, and Jessie is the Director of Marketing & Creative for The Marriage Group. They’re enjoying this season of life as they continue to cultivate meaningful relationships with each other, their kids, and their community while continuing to ask God, “What’s next?”

Guiding Principles and Areas of Discussion:

Part 1: Spiritual Principles of Money Management

  • Gain a deeper understanding of where your value as a person really comes from.
  • Find out how do determine if we care too much about money whether we feel we have too much or too little.
  • Discover how your attitudes about money can affect your relationship.

Part 2: Learning How to Talk About Money

  • Couples enter marriage with a variety of financial circumstances and experience.
  • Having conversations about debt is more than just listing how much you owe. It’s important to talk openly about how you view debt, when you’ll use it, and when you won’t.
  • It’s tempting to keep secrets when you feel shame about past or present choices, but couples who discuss difficult topics can discover new ways to support one another.

Part 3: How to Resolve the Top Money Fights

  • There are a lot of reason we overspend. Find out some practical ways to address this common area of conflict.
  • Spending more than you make can be handled in a variety of ways.
  • How can staying organized help relieve tension in your marriage?

Part 4: Practical Tips & Organization

  • Family financial planning will require some organizational tools.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create simple systems to begin tracking and storing your financial information.
  • Insurance, investment accounts, and legal planning can provide a safety net for your family in the event of a loss.

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