Family of Origin

Included with the online Pre-Cana, Living Our Faith in Love

When a man and a woman marry each other, they are also marrying into each other’s families. It’s something we don’t necessarily think about until the reality of the marital bond fully sets in. However, that loaded introductory statement is so important to unpack well before “I do.”

Regardless of the level of interactions or relationship that either husband or wife have with their own families, the influence of the culture in which each individual grew up is still influential on how the world is seen. This family of origin role, whether directly or indirectly, certainly plays a huge part in all of our lives.

How will holidays be celebrated (or not celebrated)? How often will the in-laws be seen? What boundaries need to be established to help keep the marriage separate from the relationship with either family?

These questions, and more, are explored as this topic unfolds into several nuances. This segment helps to facilitate the beautiful opportunity to blend cultures and traditions together, all while establishing a new atmosphere and creating new traditions as a family unit.

Presenters Dustin & Bethany Riechmann

Presented By:

Dustin and Bethany Riechmann of Engaged Marriage have helped couples from all over take their marriage to the next level. By sharing practical and spiritual help based on their own experience as a married couple, their enthusiasm to start and grow marriage from a strong and healthy foundation is undoubtedly uplifting and empowering.

Guiding Principles and Areas of Discussion:

  • We marry our spouse’s family too!
  • Any family origin differences can be rewarding assets.
  • It is loving to recognize family traditions, it is also a beautiful adventure to start your own new traditions as a newlywed couple.

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