Becoming Effective Communicators

Included with the online Pre-Cana, Living Our Faith in Love

Couples know that healthy communication is a vital part of a good relationship, but how do you actually develop the skills needed to nurture that part of your marriage?

Drew and Terri Lyke explore the main components that provide the foundation for good communication. Concepts such as assertiveness, active listening, and gained insight are defined and explained so couples can begin growing in their ability to understand and express themselves.

They will also discover how prayer and reconciliation can deepen their connection to their partner as they learn the difference between forgiving and excusing and learn to accept one another unconditionally and forgive one another’s trespasses.

Presented By:

Andrew and Terri Lyke are retired ministry consultants and pioneers in Catholic marriage ministry. The mission of their ministry has been to strengthen the institution of marriage in the African-American community. The focus of that work has been in marriage education, spiritual formation, and ongoing social support through outreach from faith-based communities.

Guiding Principles and Areas of Discussion:

Gaining the skills for Healthy Communication

  • Power comes by building confidence through skills, resources, and social support
  • Climbing to love requires effort, work, and determination

Three Qualities of Effective Communication

  • Self-disclosure
  • Active Listening
  • Gained Insight

The Role of Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation at home
  • Learning the difference between forgiving and excusing
  • The path to true reconciliation

Communicating to God Through Prayer

  • Creating space in your life to communicate to God
  • Prayer practices for everyday life
  • The benefits of a prayerful life

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