Communication and Conflict Resolution

Included with the online Pre-Cana, Living Our Faith in Love

It is no wonder that all of us are wired differently. We all have different temperaments, different methods of communicating, and different methods of resolving conflict. Learning to become fluent in each other’s languages is a skill to continually sharpen, and is necessary for starting and growing a strong and healthy marriage.

Communication within marriage is not always associated with conflict — in fact, it encompasses several aspects of the relationship. A healthy sex life and intimacy requires optimal communication.

This is also essential for areas like finances, careers, roles in the relationship, expectations and boundaries with the extended family — it is safe to say that communication is among the most important and powerful aspects of marriage.

Communication requires a commitment to keep learning more effective ways to relate to one another. This segment helps to establish the baseline of what each party needs to ensure an extraordinary experience for a lifelong partnership.

Presenters Jay and Laura Laffoon

Presented By:

Jay and Laura Laffoon are authors and speakers who travel the country teaching couples how to connect. Combining education and entertainment, their presentation of this topic is a practical, biblical, and fun approach to the day-to-day marital challenges and opportunities.

Guiding Principles and Areas of Discussion:

  • Working on communication at the earliest state in your marriage will help guide you during conflicting times.
  • We are all a MESS: Mentally, Emotionally, Sexually, and Spiritually.
  • “The Big Three” that cause the biggest conflicts in marriage are money, sex, and family.

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