Balancing Values, Careers, and Practical Issues

Included with the online Pre-Cana, Living Our Faith in Love

Life can be unpredictable, and it becomes even more unpredictable as we all get older and the proverbial seasons change. In marriage, roles change, personal values collide (for better or for worse), and day-to-day experiences can quickly become unbalanced if left without continued maintenance.

Many couples get married before discussing, let alone experiencing, the effect that practical issues will have on their relationship. Couples that have been building their relationship for a long time often say, “we’re practically married already” or “nothing’s going to change.” The facts are, “no you aren’t” and “yes it will.”

The good news is that by having these conversations before marriage, couples will have the ability to set themselves up for a successful, long-term companionship.

Covering a wide range of subtopics from careers to establishing roles, from setting realistic expectations to determining what the actual purpose of marriage is — all while keeping God at the center of the marriage — this segment does a great job at sparking meaningful discussion between couples at an opportune time before getting married.

Presenters Jay and Laura Laffoon

Presented By:

Jay and Laura Laffoon are authors and speakers who travel the country teaching couples how to connect. Combining education and entertainment, their presentation of this topic is a practical, biblical, and fun approach to the day-to-day marital challenges and opportunities.

Guiding Principles and Areas of Discussion:

  • The purpose of marriage is to no longer be two, but to become one.
  • Developing a new vocabulary of ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’.
  • There is freedom and empowerment as a couple in saying ‘yes’ or saying ‘no’ to what you come together in believing in.

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