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The Marriage Group has enhanced its popular online Catholic marriage prep class, Living Our Faith in Love, and NFP Life: An Introduction to Natural Family Planning, with the addition of on-screen captioning in both English and Spanish.

Just as you see on any modern TV, “captioning” refers to the written words you see, usually at the bottom of the screen, showing what is actually being spoken by the people in the show. Also, just like with your TV, the captioning can be turned on and off with a click. Users can toggle between English and Spanish captioning just as easily!

Captioning is extremely helpful to course participants in three scenarios:

  • For people who are deaf or hearing-impaired, captioning allows them to read along with video presentations in real time.
  • When English is the second language for a course participant, captioning is a valuable “crutch” to help them along with understanding the words being spoken.
  • Sometimes, people participate in online courses from a public place, such as a library, where the volume needs to be kept low. In these cases, it is helpful to have the words written on-screen as the videos are playing, making it easy to follow along.
We are excited to solve each of those challenges for those we serve. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our programs.