NACFLM Conference 2019

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In my role as a Family Life Director for the Diocese of Dallas, I attended the NACFLM Conference every year and it was always an opportunity to reconnect with my peers, learn something new, discover new materials and make new connections.

This year I was blessed to attend the 2019 NACFLM Conference in Denver, CO but now in a new role, as the Director of Catholic Programs for The Marriage Group.

Attending the conference as a participant was always a good experience, but this year, attending the conference as a part of a team that provides a ministry tool to those attending the conference was a completely different experience.

It was exciting to see old friends, people who have been my peers, my mentors, my companions in this beautiful and challenging ministry in our church. I also had a chance to make new connections, make new friends, people who are either new to marriage and family ministry or people I had never met before. We quickly connected and the conversations were absolutely inspiring!

I had the opportunity to share my passion for marriage ministry with people who share that same passion. We talked about their struggles, their successes and their joys and sorrows. It was a privilege to be able to offer my experience of seven years as a Director of Family Life in a diocese to those who are exploring new and exciting ways to do marriage ministry in our church today.

It is my hope that this conference serves all of us as a way to reconnect, and that we will be able to continue the exciting conversations that we started in Denver. I’m looking forward to continue being of service to everyone I encountered.