10 Years of The Marriage Group

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In 2009, together with two friends that became business partners, I set out to bring a comprehensive marriage preparation experience online, where today’s couples are most comfortable. Although we were confident that our services would be well-received by couples and clergy alike, I am amazed by how far we’ve come in 10 years of The Marriage Group.

10 Years of The Marriage Group — a reflection.

In ten years, we have been fortunate to serve more than 25,000 couples — FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE! It has been such a joy and pleasure to interact with so many couples during their most exciting chapter of life; those precious months leading up to their wedding day.

What began as an idea to create a better experience for engaged couples, we quickly learned that our web-based courses solved several challenges for ministry leaders who were struggling to serve couples for whom the “traditional” course offerings were not ideal. Whether the couple was separated by distance, juggling hectic schedules and commitments, or simply learned more effectively in a private setting, diocesan and parish leaders embraced The Marriage Group as a true partner in their ministry.

Our team has worked to earn the trust and build relationships with hundreds of priests, deacons, Directors of Marriage & Family Life, and Natural Family Planning coaches. We have served couples representing all 50 states and dozens of other countries. We have worked in collaboration with various dioceses, parishes, sponsor/mentor couples, speakers, authors, and relationship experts to continually produce new programs and course offerings, always with the same goal.

We help today’s marriages start and grow.

-Matt Brooks, Founder of The Marriage Group