In 2018, we had over 5,000 couples around the world take our online courses! Having served so many couples, we have learned about the couples, how they found our course, and how they used it. We hope this information can assist you with your outreach and work preparing couples towards this important time of their life.

Average Age of Bride and Groom on wedding day: 

  •  29 – Bride
  •  31 – Groom

According to the US Census Bureau the national average is 27 years for women and 29 for men. From this we can learn that Catholic couples are waiting almost two years longer than their peers to get married, showing that these couples are taking this important decision and Sacrament seriously. 

How did they take the course?:

  • 69% – Same Location
  • 11% – Different Locations
  • 19% – Combo of Both

Most couples are taking this course while together, allowing them to pause the videos and have conversations as they are working through the course. Couples regularly state that this benefit is the most valuable to them, especially compared to traditional gathered events.

Primary reason for taking course:

  • 69% – The convenience of online due to their challenging schedules
  • 16% – They live far apart from each other
  • 7% – No other options before their wedding
  • 3% – Needed the privacy of having these discussions alone
  • 5% – Other 

This is interesting because more than half of the couples who chose our online course for marriage preparation did so due to their schedules making it difficult to attend a gathered event.

How they found us:

  • 61% – Referred by their Parish or Diocese
  • 31% – Searching for Pre-Cana courses online
  • 8% – Had a friend refer them 

By a landslide, couples found out about our course from you, more than any other avenue!  We appreciate your continued support and friendship.

Using the Course:

  • Couples began the course about 3 months prior to the wedding
  • 21 days was the average amount of time couples spent working through the course
  • Couples were engaged for an average of 15 months.

Our course can be completed in just over 8 hours, minimum. However, as you can see by the worldwide average, it can be assumed that the couples who take our course desire a more in-depth, immersive, and intentional experience as they navigate through their marriage preparation.

If you would like more information about couples in your region, or would like to know more about how our courses can be used in addition to your existing marriage prep options, let us know! We would love to talk with you and send you a parish info packet in the mail!

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