Marriage Prep Courses For Modern Couples

Marriage Prep Courses For Modern Couples
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Meeting Catholic Church Requirements

Marriage prep should always be up-to-date with the changing of times.

Young couples today desire accessible, convenient, uplifting, and modern ways of doing things. When planning to marry in the Catholic Church, demands are no different.

That’s why The Marriage Group (in collaboration with the Family Ministries Office at the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit) pioneered this groundbreaking Catholic Marriage Prep Course.

This unique program meets the needs of modern lifestyles.

It fulfills the requirements the Catholic Church places on an approved Pre-Cana program.

It also facilitates the discussions that need to take place — before entering into the next phase of the relationship between the couple and God.

Marriage Prep — Certified And Accepted

We realize couples want an authentic and recognized course.

That’s why Living Our Faith in Love covers the required discussions, as mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Following successful completion of the discussions, couples are issued an official certificate. It is personalized with names and date of completion of the program.

This certificate is downloadable and printable, and serves as an official document. This is to be recognized by the officiating priest or deacon of the ceremony to keep with other related marriage documents.

Creating A Special Course

Times have changed.

Traditional meetings or weekend gatherings aren’t always a convenient way for couples to take the course.

Young couples who are faced with demands on their time – be it personal or professional – are less inclined to participate.

That’s why this online program is ideal.

So how does this special marriage prep course work?

  • Not bound by our timelines or demands.
    • Running late at work? Have classes or errands to run? Not to worry. We’re not waiting (and neither are other couples) for folks to arrive at a prescribed time, or a specific location.
    • Whether it’s finished in one day, a weekend, or over the period of few months, it doesn’t matter.What matters is that couples complete each element of the course successfully at a comfortable pace, and as time allows.
  • It’s online. How convenient is that?
    • No need for couples to displace themselves so bad winter weather, torrential downpours, or transportation issues are never a concern.
    • Participants get to sit in the comfort of their own home – or wherever there is access to an Internet connection.
  • Our program is on-demand.
    • Participants log in at their discretion. The course is always accessible.
    • Couples are not committed to face-to-face meetings, or one-on-one mentoring Although viable options, they are not always possible for everyone.
  • Location is not an issue.
    • Couples who are separated by distance can still connect (via Skype, for instance) to complete the course.
    • This course is accessible from anywhere. Whether in Michigan, somewhere else in the US, or even abroad, it’s available.

You can find similar course providers, but as the originator and developer of this most unique and modernized program, The Marriage Group’s materials and presenter insights are always novel and fresh – not rehashed.

So when couples are ready start a Catholic marriage conversation, they can come out ahead with Living Our Faith in Love’s comprehensive course.