Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy

Included with the online Pre-Cana, Living Our Faith in Love

A healthy, loving sex life is among the most important factors to a happy, lasting marriage. Oftentimes, relationship issues related to intimacy are actually the result of lacking communication between husband and wife, unrealistic expectations, boundaries, and a skewed perspective of what true intimacy actually is.

In this segment, couples will benefit from professional advice and conversation-starters. By talking through these sensitive topics during engagement, couples will position themselves for a lifetime of healthy, exciting and fulfilling intimacy.

This segment also explores the danger of unrealistic expectations, inappropriate boundaries and interactions with the opposite sex outside of the marriage, and the damage that pornography addiction can have on a marriage.

Fully embracing the fact that these conversations can be uncomfortable, couples must also understand how necessary it is to be completely open and honest with each other. Through that vulnerability, couples can unlock deeper levels of intimacy the way that God had intended it from the beginning of time.

Presenters Dustin & Bethany Riechmann

Presented By:

Dustin and Bethany Riechmann of Engaged Marriage have helped couples from all over take their marriage to the next level. By sharing practical and spiritual help based on their own experience as a married couple, their enthusiasm to start and grow marriage from a strong and healthy foundation is undoubtedly uplifting and empowering.

Guiding Principles and Areas of Discussion:

  • Communicate your desires and fears to one another
  • Give yourselves time to learn how your bodies respond to one another
  • Make your relationship an adventure of the heart, mind, and body, enjoying a lifetime of shared discovery.

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