Leverage Online Marriage Prep Courses During Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak
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In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, ministry leaders are eager to understand, use, and promote our popular online, on-demand marriage preparation courses as a trusted alternative to gathered/group events. Many dioceses and parishes are wisely canceling their weekend programs and retreats, leaving engaged couples in a troublesome predicament.

We want to reassure you that we are here, ready to respond to the needs of the Family Life Directors, Marriage Ministry Coordinators and couples around the country.

Our online, on-demand course delivery platform uniquely position us for virtually limitless scale. That means we can accommodate an unlimited number of couples at any given time.

It is important to inform couples that if their gathered/group event for marriage preparation will need to be canceled, they can still continue with their marriage preparation by completing their course online.

Recognizing that many couples are going through the RCIA process in their parishes, now during Lent, they will start their marriage preparation to be able to celebrate their wedding before the Easter Vigil and be completely initiated into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. We are also here for them, by allowing the couples to continue with their plans and completing their marriage preparation online, safely from their homes.

We are now offering discounts during the Coronavirus outbreak to help make our courses even more accessible to so many couples, now finding themselves searching for a leading, comprehensive online experience that meets the Church’s requirements for Pre-Cana.

Please call us at 810-957-1550 or email me at swerner@themarriagegroup.com